We Focus on Jesus Christ

Jesus is central to everything we do at Covington FUMC. We sing, pray, and preach in His powerful Name. Our past, present, and future is centered on Jesus Christ. Our purpose on this earth is to lead people to Jesus, learn to live like Jesus, and love like Jesus. If you're new to Covington FUMC, we would love to get to know you better. If you'd like to know more information about our church feel free to email us at covingtonfumc@covingtonfumc.com.

Current Worship Series

On Easter Sunday, we learned that in order to fully follow Christ, we must live lives that are counter-cultural. Lives that are extra-ordinary. Lives that exhibit crazy faith. This series explores characters from the Bible who experienced seasons of fear. Several heroes from the Bible experienced times of frustration, pain, suffering, and difficult questions. They persevered as a result of their crazy faith. We too experience these difficult, fearful times, and it’s vital that even in the midst of hard circumstances the church retains its faith in God to carry us through. 

UPDATE - We are worshiping In-person and live Streaming.

Live Stream Worship - 8:30am - Modern Worship

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Live Stream Worship - 11:00am - Traditional Worship

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New Bible Study

We will be looking at the wisdom from Solomon contained within the Book of Proverbs. we will examine how these words of wisdom meet us in our lives today.  We will meet at  10am on Wednesdays. For more information contact Michael. 

Food Truck Party VBS 2022

Food Truck Party VBS invites children to get on a roll with God as a parade of Food Trucks rolls into their neighborhood for the summer's biggest party!

VBS is for children aged 3 years to completed fifth grade! We are meeting in the Christian Life Center Building on the evenings of June 20-23 from 6-8:30pm.

Pre-Regester Today! 

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Lead, Learn, Love

At Covington FUMC, our purpose is to lead people to Christ, learn to be like Christ, and love like Christ.


Let's Gather Together in Praise!

Authentic Worship

We look for God’s love in our lives as evidence that we have been truly worshipping Him. At Covington FUMC, worship is central to everything. Worship means learning to recognize God’s goodness while delighting to deepen our responses.

worship Times

Sundays 8:30am

Modern Worship

Sundays 11:00am

Traditional Worship

Teaching from Scripture

We believe that practical, relevant teaching is the catalyst for transformation in an individual's life. Scripture is inspired by God, the authority for teaching Christian beliefs, and guide for Christian living.